Simultaneous job management with Facebook, Instagram


A new tool will allow businesses to manage their profiles on Facebook and Instagram simultaneously

Facebook presented a few hours ago its new tool so that small and medium-sized companies can easily manage their presence on both Facebook and Instagram.

This is Facebook Business Suite, which offers in a single space the possibility of publishing and managing businesses simultaneously on both social networks, either on the screen of a mobile device or on the computer desktop and you will get different performances throughout this month.

In addition to the simultaneous management on the two platforms, which implies a great saving of time, Facebook Business Suite will also show all the messages, alerts and notifications from Facebook and Instagram, along with all the statistics that allow controlling the business strategies.

It is even worth noting that the analysis tab is extremely comprehensive and has been one of the most interesting functions, to the extent that many experts have praised the fact that it offers a great overview of the situation in a single tool.

Facebook Business Suite to support SMEs

On the other hand, the Axios website assures that Facebook plans to integrate WhatsApp into the tool in the near future, so Facebook Business Suite would be the first app that allows the integration of the three platforms.

To use Business Suite, it is recommended to associate the Facebook and Instagram accounts that you want to manage; When accessing the platform, you must log in to the Facebook account associated with the business.

Once the user meets the requirements, they will be automatically redirected to Business Suite when visiting the site using the web browser, while on mobile devices, when using the Pages Manager app, the option to enable Business Suite.

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With the presentation of this new tool, Facebook remains committed to supporting small and medium-sized businesses during this terrible pandemic that has affected a large number of businesses.


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