Simu Liu will play a villain in the Netflix sci-fi project Atlas


Liu, best known for his work on Marvel’s Shang Chi, has been going through some tough times lately. His upward trajectory in Hollywood has recently attracted attention after he was chosen for the role of Greta Gerwig in the movie “Barbie”, where he joined actors such as Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. Participating in the film with other famous talents such as Robbie, Gosling and Gerwig really demonstrated how Liu went from small roles to big blockbusters.

Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Simu Liu and several others have been involved in the new Netflix project Atlas, and the actor is expected to play the role of a villain in the film — a departure from his previous role as a superhero.

Atlas focuses on an intelligence analyst who is stuck on a distant planet where they must learn to fight in a military-grade mechanical suit to survive the harsh conditions of the planet. Also, actors such as Sterling K. Brown from “This is Us”, Abraham Popula and Jennifer Lopez joined the film. The film will be directed by Brad Payton, and the screenwriter will be Aron Eli Colate, who is working on the original script by Leo Sardaryan.

The project is part of Lopez’s Nuyorican Productions and Netflix. Netflix, of course, is known for producing original films such as Enola Holmes 2. Meanwhile, Lopez’s production company, which is also run by production partner Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas and Lopez’s longtime manager Benny Medina, aims to produce a variety of films, TV shows, as well as scripted and unscripted content that supports a wide range of female actors, writers and directors.

Liu’s choice for the role of the villain in Atlas will probably be the perfect vehicle to showcase his talent. While his most famous casting, Shang Chi, is the role of a superhero, Liu demonstrates a willingness to expand and avoid the role of the main character of the story. The story also sounds quite promising, as it represents a sci-fi look at the concept of man versus nature.

However, in recent weeks, Liu has caused controversy in the real world. When he apparently mocked the cancellation of the Warner Bros. movie “Batgirl.” Discovery, some noted that the actors and crew of the film experienced strong emotions about the move. Others strongly urged Liu to delete the tweet, saying it was inappropriate to mock the cancellation so close to her announcement. However, some came to the actor’s defense, saying that the tweet was not intended to mock the cast and crew of the film; instead, he was supposed to support the production of the film by ridiculing Warner Bros. Discovery.


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