Sims Sessions: The Sims 4 To Host In-Game Music Festival


Sims Sessions: One of the most striking features of The Sims since its first version, released back in the year 2000, is the Simlish language, spoken by avatars and NPCs within the game.

So much so that, from the second edition, in 2004, Electronic Arts started to call real artists to sing their real-world songs in the game’s language. From Katy Perry to My Chemical Romance, more than 500 names in the music world have already aired on the game’s radio, according to the producer.

Now, for the first time, The Sims will host “live” shows with artists. Live in quotes, of course, as it will be the “yes” versions of Bebe Rexha, Dave Bayley (of electronic pop band Glass Animals) and Joy Oladokun who will sing at the in-game shows.

The music festival is part of the Sims Sessions action, which was announced yesterday by EA and runs from June 29th to July 7th.

Shows within The Sims 4 and TikTok Actions

The idea is that players can enjoy the Sims Sessions as a real music festival (miss you, right my daughter?), preparing their looks, camping in front of places and socializing with their friends.

The festival’s line-up includes Simlish versions of the song “Heat Waves” by the group Glass Animals, sung by Dave Bayley. Afterwards, Joy Oladokun sings her ballad “Breathe Again” in the language. To wrap up, pop star Bebe Rexha will play “Sabotage” with her piano on the Sims Sessions virtual stage. According to EA, after the shows, players themselves will be able to take the stage and perform with their sims.


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