Sims 4 New Add On Package Announced


Sims 4 new add-on package announced. With the package called Coutyard Oasis, players will equip their homes with rich furniture and various luxurious decorations. According to the details announced by the Sims Community, the Sims 4 add-on pack was inspired by the architecture in Riyadh, Morocco. The products in the package, which will be presented on May 18 for PC, Mac, Xbox and PS5 platforms, can be easily used in other types of structures.

The Sims 4 add-on pack will offer more design possibilities

On the other hand, EA said in a press release about the add-on package, β€œThe Sims 4 Coutyard Oasis add-on uses vibrant and harmonious pieces inspired by Moroccan Riyadh to design a calm and stylish oasis in the center of homes. “Coutyard Oasis offers players more ways to express their creativity and design spaces rich with traditional filigree designs, vibrant colors and intricate flooring patterns.”

EA also stated that colorful fountains, ornate furniture as well as tropical plants will be included in the package. While the company does not make any price announcement for the price of the package, it is expected that a similar pricing will be made for the Coutyard Oasis, considering the cost of the previous add-on packages was $ 5.

The add-on package will be the fourth content package of the game, which was released in 2014. Previously released kit packages for the game included Throwback Fit Kit, Country Kitchen Kit and Bust The Dust Kit packages. Finally, it is worth noting that the publisher has released a patch to fix the problems in the game, and it aims to fix more problems with a broad update in the coming days.


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