Sims 4: How to Make an Offer (High School)


In the newest expansion pack for The Sims 4, players can make an Offer to invite their love to the prom. The High School Years supplement is dedicated to teenage life in Copperdale, where players can attend school and form their school image. In addition to attending prom, Sims can attend classes, create characters, play pranks, and generally try to navigate the complexities of school life. This is the newest expansion for The Sims 4, a franchise known for a lot of DLC, add-ons and story development.

One of the biggest events in high school is the prom, and this experience is captured in The Sims 4. The prom is held in the Copperdale auditorium, and this helps Sims celebrate high school graduation. The way Sims prepare for and participate in prom will affect their future relationships with other high school students, so it’s important for players who want to propose to do everything right the first time.

To make an offer in The Sims 4, players can either leave a note in someone’s locker, or create a sign with an offer and give it to the desired prom date. If the offer is accepted, this sim will go to the prom with the players. It’s also possible that non-player characters in The Sims 4 may ask players to go to the ball with them, so this works both ways.

How to make an offer in The Sims 4

The first step to fulfilling an offer in The Sims 4 is to establish a relationship with him. Inviting a random Sim to the ball will most likely fail. Once the players have determined who they want to bring to the ball, create a sign. Click on the sim, go to the “Graduation” category and select the option to create a “Graduation” sign. Once this is done, the offer can appear by clicking the desired prom date and selecting the option to present the offer sign. You can also just invite a sim to the prom, as usual, but the way of the offer will allow you to win more friendship with a sim; there is a chance that the sim will become closely associated with the players after the offer. Not all offers will be successful, as there is a chance that the sim will reject the invitation.

In The Sims 4, there are several prom interactions that players can choose from by interacting with their sim’s desired date. These interactions:

Ask for prom tips Ask at prom Ask at prom as a friend Declare yourself a member of the royal family at prom Give an advertising sign (as soon as it is made)Go to prom together

Some of these options will bring player sims to prom with their girlfriend. However, if players want to attend alone, they can also do so. Just like in a real high school, players can go to the prom alone, with friends, on a date as a friend, or on a romantic date in The Sims 4. When players have decided who to bring to the prom, they can prepare and choose their outfit and hairstyle. Since the prom serves as a transition into adulthood, take the opportunity to have a stylish party on the dance floor.


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