Sims 4: a brand new pack is coming soon!


The Sims 4 is releasing a new pack this month. And this is the one on the Paranormal! Your Sims may be terrified.

Be careful, a new Sims 4 pack will be released soon! And this is the one on the Paranormal. This one comes out on January 26. So we’ll have to wait a bit, but from what the trailer shows, it’s going to be really fun.

Have you always wanted to test the Paranormal? Now you can in your Sims. Building a haunted house, doing spiritualism sessions, scaring your neighbors, anything is possible! Especially since a new profession will be added to the pack.

So if you’ve always wanted to be a Paranormal Investigator, The Sims 4 will make your dream come true. You will be able to hunt ghosts, communicate with them and maybe even become friends with some? Lots of scared Sims are just waiting for one thing: your visit.

In addition to the ghosts that we know well in bodily form, new ones will therefore be added. This time in the form of a “sphere”, these more classic ghosts will give a hard time. This puts your Sims at risk of torture if you don’t do anything. We promise we won’t say anything if you’re doing it for fun.


But to chase away these evil spirits, it will be possible to do spiritualism sessions. Around a table, try to summon the spirits. For this, you will need to acquire the Medium skill. But a strong ally will help you.

This one is no other than a ghost of course. The Sims 4 brings you a mentor in this pack. Her name ? Guidry the Phantom. Besides his very classy style taken from a history book, this one will therefore have knowledge that he will share with you.

Er if all this work is a bit too busy and you can’t do the housework anymore, don’t hesitate to call on Bonehilda, the ghost maid. In short, new gameplay that is great to see in The Sims 4. This pack is going to be really fun.


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