Simpsons “predicted” $ 200 bill six years ago


The Simpsons episode, “You Don’t Have to Live Like a Referee”, aired in 2014, “predicted” the R $ 200 note. The new ballot was announced yesterday (29), by the Central Bank, and the news has already shaken the internet with dozens of memes.

Notes were attempting to bribe Homer

In the 16th episode of the 25th season of the series, Homer becomes a soccer referee and comes to Brazil, which hosted the World Cup. During his time in our country, he suffered several attempts at bribery. In one of them, another character tries to “buy” Homer with a folder full of R $ 200 bills, which appear again in other scenes. See the video below:

The most bizarre is that, in the same episode, the cartoon still predicted the defeat of Brazil to Germany, in the final of the Cup, after our selection was embezzled by the main playmaker of the team, who had been injured.

The new ballot, whose mascot will be the maned wolf, should go into circulation in late August, when its image will be revealed by the government.

Other Simpsons “predictions”

Working for the same series for so long, The Simpsons writers have proven themselves to be experts in understanding the “details” of our society that no one else can. It seems that this skill gives them the ability to “predict” many events of world importance, and years in advance.

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See examples of other “predictions” in the series, including some that are accurate and some that involve questions of individual interpretation:

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How long did it take the Simpsons to get their "predictions" right?

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