The Simpsons had planned all of 2020 in one episode!


The Simpsons fans surprised to discover another episode that had planned for the year 2020. We give you more details!

The Simpsons once again predicted the future in one episode!

Are the Simpsons really capable of predicting the future? What started as a joke gradually turns into real theory!

Indeed it has even become a game for some Simpson fans. So, with every big event that happens, fans turn to the Simpsons for answers.

This is also the case for an episode of season 4 “Marge in chain”. Indeed, this one had made the buzz because it had predicted the coronavirus as well as the killer hornets in the United States.

Today is another episode that is talking about him. Let’s find out what it’s all about.


This time, a Reddit user shared a curious excerpt from an episode of The Simpsons. Indeed, this is an episode of season 9 “The Trouble With Trillions”.

In this episode, we see Homer, Marge and their children waiting for the New Year’s ball. Finally we hear Homer during the final count sigh aloud: “Will this horrible year never end?” ”

For fans of the series there is no longer any doubt. This is most certainly a disturbing new detail which will be considered as a new prediction for the year 2020.

In fact, Homer’s reaction expresses our dismay a little. And for good reason, between the epidemic and its consequences and the social upheavals of its recent times … we no longer know where to turn!

The Simpsons director is having fun. “What people are telling us now is:‘ start predicting good things! Because they were too negative, ”he explains.

In any case, we don’t know what more this year has in store for us. Case to follow…


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