The Simpsons ‘Game’ Nearly No One Wants to Play (You Can Also ‘Play’)


The world-famous and so old cartoon The Simpsons scraps many funny scenes into our memories. One of them, Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge game, has been brought to life by one and made available to everyone.

The Simpsons, which has been locking the people with the quality of humor since the 1990s, may have been brought to our minds again by realizing the funny event that took place in a part of The Simpsons. The fans, who say that the funny episodes of the comic series decrease as the number of seasons progresses, add that there is a laugh of laughter in the first years of the cartoon.

Just one of the hundreds of The Simpsons scenes and jokes ever embedded in memory, Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge was an incredibly annoying and kind of video game that no one would want to play. But someone adapted the game to real life and made a truly playable version of the game.

You can now play Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge.

The game first appeared in the ‘Marge Be Not Proud’ episode in the 7th season. It all started with Bart requesting a copy of Bonestorm, a video game like Mortal Kombat, at Christmas. He could not ask the family for the game, and all copies of the game were exhausted. But everywhere, instead of Bonestorm, there were copies of thousands of Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge games.

You play an imaginary golf character in the game. This man named Lee Carvallo is obliged to hit just one golf ball in the game, but he never gets it. We can say that the game is a little stupid, but let’s add that it is so funny and funny.

You can reach the game page by clicking the link to try this extremely interesting game. However, as we said in the title, it is beneficial not to keep your expectations high.


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