Simple trick to get YouTube dislikes back!


YouTube removed the number of dislikes from videos. How to restore the number of dislikes that are only open to the channel owner?

Google announced on November 10 that it had removed the number of dislikes on the YouTube platform. Due to the decision that is valid on both the mobile application and the website of the video sharing site, the number of dislikes does not appear in YouTube videos. Content can be disliked as before. Now only the channel owner will see how many people have left.

A group of developers, who also exist on the GitHub platform, where the developers exhibit projects, created a plugin that brings back the number of dislikes on YouTube. The add-on called ‘Return YouTube Dislike‘, which can be used in Chrome, Firefox and JS Userscript-based browsers, is based on YouTube’s Data API and re-enables the visibility of the dislike count, showing the total number of dislikes.

How to show YouTube dislikes count?

To get YouTube dislikes back, you need to install the Return YouTube Dislike plugin. First of all, click on the link here to reach the web page of the plugin. Then open the store by clicking on the logo of the browser you are using. Then press the ‘Add to Chrome’ or ‘Add to Firefox’ button and install this little software in your browser.

Alternatively, you can install it on your iPhone with iOS operating system. But for this process, your iPhone must be jailbroken. The developers state that they do not take any responsibility at this point and all responsibility belongs to the user. Jailbreak, which is similar to rooting on Android, gives you additional privileges on the iPhone, which is closed to the outside in software.

After installing Return YouTube Dislike, you don’t need to enable it specially. The plugin starts working automatically. The number of YouTube dislikes comes to the videos you watch on If you stop using it, you can uninstall it from the Extensions or Add-ons page of the browser. But if you care about the number of dislikes, you should keep them.

Why did YouTube hide the number of dislikes?

Google’s desire to remove dislikes from YouTube is part of an effort to protect creators from ‘dislike attacks’. Regarding this issue, the company shared the following information in its statement:

At YouTube, we strive to provide a place where creators of all sizes and backgrounds can find and share their voices. We’ve implemented a variety of features and policies to make sure YouTube supports respectful interactions between viewers and creators. Earlier this year, we tried something new on the dislike button to see if it could help better protect our creators from harassment and reduce dislike attacks.

Viewers will still be able to see and use the dislike button. As part of this experiment; We found that viewers were less likely to target the dislike button to increase the number of dislikes. In short, our experimental data showed a reduction in dislike attacks.

What do you think about the removal of dislikes?