Simon Pegg addresses the Disparate chances of a Revival


Despite the fact that fans are pinning hope on this, Simon Pegg is disappointing about the possible revival of Spaced. Pegg co-wrote, co-wrote the script and co-starred in the cult sitcom as Tim Beasley, a twentysomething Londoner who moves in with twenty-year-old Daisy Steiner after being kicked out of the house by his ex-girlfriend. Tim and Daisy initially pose as a couple to satisfy the demands of a cheap apartment in the area, but eventually discover that they have feelings for each other.

Jessica Stevenson was the other creator, screenwriter and star of Spaced with some supporting actors, including Nick Frost as Tim’s best friend Mike, Kathy Carmichael as Daisy Twist’s best friend, Mark Hip as an eccentric neighbor named Brian and Julia Deakin as their landlady. Marsha. The comedy series, directed by Edgar Wright, was broadcast for two seasons on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom and received mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers for its recognizable characters, dynamic directing, pop culture references and acting. Despite the recognition, Spaced came to an end after two seasons, and although fans of the sitcom called for a sequel, one of the creators of the series has a pretty clear answer to this possibility.

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During a conversation with Collider about the animated film “Luck”, Simon Pegg talked about the possible revival of Spaced. Offering “The Best Shooter: Maverick” as a comparison of the long gap between the stories, Pegg noted that there was “relevance” between the two films in how the world changed, whereas the characters of his cult sitcom “were dedicated to this very moment,” which became the norm and expressed disinterest in continuing the show. See what Pegg said below:

“I think the great thing about Top Gun: Maverick is that they made it… it wasn’t just about continuing the story. There was a connection to what has happened in the world since then, as well as a strange parallel between Maverick and Tom – these emissaries from an almost forgotten era of something. Maverick is the last fighter pilot, and Tom is the last movie star, and that was real… It was just a really beautiful time for all this kind of stuff. I’m not sure what value it would be to see Tim and Daisy after that moment in their lives, because Spaced was dedicated to that moment. The 20s at the turn of the century, at the very beginning of the era of computer fans, when we only realized that we could actually spend part of our adult life doing what we enjoyed as a child. which is now the norm. So I’m not sure. nk I really want to see them again.”

Pegg and Edgar Wright have frequently asked questions about the revival of Spaced in the years since it ended, usually expressing doubts about the possibility as they believe the story ended on a good note and that they are no longer the people they were when they wrote the show. Pegg’s recent comments largely coincide with his previous discussions of the revival, namely his feeling that things haven’t changed enough for society or for himself for the show to return. Interestingly, however, this is the first time Pegg has explicitly stated that he doesn’t want his and Stevenson’s characters to return to the screen.

While Pegg’s new comments about a possible revival of Spaced may disappoint fans of the cult sitcom, the future of the show’s creators is still generally bright. Earlier this year, Pegg teased that he and Edgar Wright were discussing their next possible project, almost a decade after their famous trilogy, Three Tastes of Cornetto, came to an end, and expressed interest in bringing Gary King from The End of the World back to the screen. Until more information about Pegg and Wright’s reunion becomes available, viewers can revisit all Spaced broadcasts on Roku Channel, Tubi and Amazon Freevee.


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