Simon Cowell says 8-year-old son Eric was “hysterical” about face fillers: “I looked like a horror movie”


Back to basics. Simon Cowell is now free of facial fillers, which his 8-year-old son Eric must be glad to see.

“There was a stage where I may have gone too far,” the 62—year-old former American Idol judge told The Sun on Saturday, April 9. t learn it like me first of all. Eric was hysterical. Enough was enough. There is no filler on my face at all right now. Zero.”

The English star compared her former look to “something out of a horror movie.”

Cowell added: “There was a stage when all the faces were full of both. But in fact, for me now a lot comes down to a healthy diet and drinking a lot of water.”

The executive director also spoke about his near-fatal accident with an electric bike in August 2020. “I first thought about therapy when I broke my back because I was very, very, very low,” he said. ”

I felt very depressed because I didn’t know how to explain it to Eric. I couldn’t do everything I wanted with him. I wasn’t sure if I could walk again, play football with him. It was a low point.”

Cowell was hospitalized after falling while testing an e-bike near his home in Malibu.

“It could have been a lot worse,” the judge told America’s Got Talent in February 2021. — When I saw the X-ray, I really almost broke my spine into pieces. So I literally couldn’t walk. I knew I’d broken my back as soon as I landed. It was very, very unexpected and painful. … I thought, “I need to go back to the house, because I can’t lie there,” and forced myself to sort of transfer to my bedroom, which is right there, at the beginning of the house. And I’m lying there, and I’m kind of losing consciousness. It was surreal.”

After the injury, metal rods and screws were inserted into Cowell’s back, which is why Eric compared him to an Ironman. “I thought it was very cute and it meant a lot,” he wrote to the outlet.

“He’s very funny. I was with him yesterday and he said, “Dad, why is everyone smiling at you?” And I said, “No, it’s you! They all know your name,” the author of Wishfits joked in May 2019. “I said: “For some reason, from the minute you were born, everyone knew your name.” He said, “Really?” I said, “Aha! They knew your name.” And I said, “It’s you!”