Sim Day: Netflix releases movie trailer with Jennifer Garner


Netflix released the first trailer for Sim’s Day, a comedy movie starring Jennifer Garner (Suddenly 30) and Edgar Ramírez (American Crime Story). Based on the bestselling book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal with illustrations by Tom Lichtenheld, the family plot revolves around a couple tired of saying no to their three children. As a challenge, they will allow children to dictate the rules of what to do for 24 hours.

The preview highlights the motivations of the parents, Allison and Carlos Torres (played by Garner and Ramírez, respectively), to allow the change of routine. Thus, the family will go through many adventures, while trying to endure the activities requested throughout the day. The novelty in attitudes promises to bring them even closer. Check out!

It is interesting to point out that the idea of ​​the work is something practiced in real life by Garner with his three children. Annually, they celebrate the date through games, eating pizza as breakfast in bed and other types of celebration. Such moments the actress has the habit of sharing on her social networks.

Dia do Sim will be directed by Miguel Arteta (Alexandre and the Terrible, Horrible, Amazing and Horrible Day) and script by Justin Malen (The Last Hangover of the Year). The film will hit the streaming platform on March 12.


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