Silent Hill: Shattered Memories prepares successor


The Konami saga, which has been fallow for years, has not yet revealed a new official installment, despite the rumors.

Since the cancellation of Silent Hills, Hideo Kojima’s project along with Guillermo del Toro and Norman Reedus, the Konami saga has remained crouched, silent, waiting for its moment. Although the rumors about his resurrection, together with the new Christophe Gans film, have not stopped sounding like the alarm of the cursed town, at the moment there is no news about it (beyond its crossover in Dead by Daylight). Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, a reinterpretation of the series, was released in the Wii era; now, its creator, Sam Barlow, is building a spiritual sequel.

He has commented on this in a post on Twitter, where he explained that in an interview he had been asked about a possible sequel to that video game. “But you can’t say anything because at that moment” you are thinking precisely that, he reflects. As a clarification, in the same thread, he has clarified that it is not the next title, in code known as Project A. Half Mermaid, the study that he now directs (authors of Her Story and more), has a second video game underway. The spiritual sequel to Silent Hill: Shattered Memory “is the next game,” the successor, Project Door Peek.

The Silent Hills developed by Climax

Silent Hill: Shattered Memory is the second video game in the series developed by Climax Studios. They had previously worked with Konami on Silent Hill Origins, the plot prequel to the first license title. It coincided at a time when the Japanese company opted to outsource some of its developments. By that time, the original Silent Team had already disbanded, although Akira Yamaoka and other creatives were still working on Silent Hill.

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In the case of Shattered Memories, it is a special project, as it does not follow the official chronology. It is, in a way, a reimagining of the events that occurred in the saga. In fact, the game begins exactly the same as Silent Hill, with Harry and his daughter on their journey to Silent Hill. After a traffic accident everything will change. And so far the similarities. The story then branches off in different directions.


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