Silent Hill: God’s Explanation in Revelation (and the Orders plan to Resurrect Him)


Here’s the story behind Silent Hill: The God from Revelation explained how the cult of the sequel planned to resurrect him. The unexpected success of Resident Evil from Capcom not only marked the beginning of a multi-year video game franchise, but also inspired the creation of other survival horror games. One of the most popular games of that era is Silent Hill, which threw players into the foggy city of the same name. The hero of the game, Harry Mason, had to find his missing daughter, dodging grotesque monsters and solving puzzles, and the suffocating atmosphere and psychological chill of Silent Hill led to great success.

Its 2001 sequel Silent Hill 2 is also considered one of the greatest video games ever made. The success of the series led to the creation of the 2006 film in which Harry from Silent Hill turned into Rose Da Silva. While the script of the film could have been tightened up a little, and the added secondary plot with Sean Bean should have been cut, “Silent Hill” is one of the best adaptations of the game to the film to date. Its incredible design and several intense horror scenes paid tribute to the source,

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Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about Silent Hill: Revelation 2012. This sequel follows a teenage version of Rose’s daughter Heather, who is lured back to the titular city when her father is abducted by the Order, the Doomsday cult. The Revelation script tried to tie movies and games together, which led to a confusing, convoluted story replete with plot holes and logical errors. Silent Hill: Revelation, which features a monster dummy, is basically an adaptation of the third game and reveals the fanatical Brothers who tried to burn Alessa alive as a child, which forced her to create a “Dark Alessa” and doom the entire city. – in fact, they are part of the Order. It turned out that instead of killing Alessa in the first film, they wanted to introduce a God from Silent Hill: Revelation into her, who would cleanse the world of sin.

The Order’s Plan in Silent Hill: Revelation

The description of Valtiel’s Order in Silent Hill: Revelation largely contradicts how they functioned in Silent Hill 2006, so it’s better to focus on the story told in the sequel. Little is known about Silent Hill: Revelation’s God, only that as soon as Heather/Alessa’s “vessel” gives birth to its solar deity, it will cleanse the Earth of sinners and — presumably, as was said in the third Silent Hill game — will lead to the creation of a New world without corruption. In addition to luring Heather back to the city by kidnapping her father, the Order’s plan to summon God from Silent Hill: Revelation involves obtaining Metatron’s Seal.

It was the talisman Rose used to free Heather from Silent Hill after the original, and it reveals the “true” nature of things. Carrie-Anne Moss’ leader Claudia declares that he will summon their God and free them from the Otherworldly world of the city, but after merging with the “Dark Alessa”, Heather can use him on Claudia and turn her into a missionary being. Pyramid Head, who acts as Alessa’s guardian, kills Claudia, allowing Heather and the other survivors from the sequel to escape, and thwarts the Order’s plan to summon the God Silent Hill: Revelation.


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