Silent Hill domain was mysteriously bought by someone

Internet users noticed on Friday (5) that the domain, previously used by Konami to publicize the first releases of the franchise, was officially purchased by an anonymous.

The site was used at the beginning of the 21st century to publicize Konami’s games, being closed by the publisher in 2003, when it shared the initial information and contents of Silent Hill 3. After that, the domain passed through the hands of several other moderators, losing any kind of bond with the psychological horror saga.

In 2019, the site was officially put up for sale for the supposed amount of US $ 9,800 (about R $ 52,000 in direct conversion), and everything indicates that someone paid for that amount and is already managing the page, including an image in the background with Pyramid Head and a phrase “he was first”. Check it out below.

The fact caught the attention of insider Dusk Golem, who drew attention in his official profile and developed a theory about what may be happening.

“I don’t have access to enough information to check the domain’s history, and I think it may be part of Silent Hill’s public relations relaunch, in an interesting and strange way (the official @SilentHill profile that many thought was false at first, but it’s but I am not convinced at first that it is a real thing. ”

So far, details about the purpose behind this acquisition have not been revealed, so there remains to be more news about the case.



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