Silent Hill 4: The Room returns to PC


PC players can return to South Ashfield’s room 302 for Halloween, as Konami just released the fourth installment of Silent Hill on GOG.

Following in the footsteps of Metal Gear, Castlevania and Contra, whose games recently arrived on GOG (the digital store of CD Projekt RED, creators of The Witcher 3), Silent Hill 4: The Room has just arrived on the platform and is now available on a price of 9.99 euros. The game came out on PC in its day (back in September 2004), but today it was practically impossible to find, since it has disappeared from Steam and the rest of the main online stores. This version that comes to GOG is the original, without improvements of any kind, but we assume that it will not take long to have mods and filters from the PC community, with which to revamp the visual section a bit and get a better use of it.

Silent Hill 4, or the beginning of the end

Although for many it was the beginning of the end of Team Silent, this Silent Hill 4: The Room sneaked into our top with the 9 best games of the series and did so in fifth position. Henry Townshend’s adventure was a strange hybrid between the first and third person. It took place between Silent Hill and Henry’s house, Apartment 302, located in South Ashfield, the next town. Our protagonist did not take long to have strange nightmares full of blood, chains and infernal creatures, due to which he entered a new journey to hell, as always accompanied by a terrifying artistic section and the majestic soundtrack of Akira Yamaoka.

The arrival of Silent Hill on PC, although strange, because unlike Metal Gear, Castlevania and Contra, it occurs with a single game and not all, allows us to enjoy one more Halloween of the franchise and pretend it is not would have fallen into oblivion. It is also the second move that Konami makes around the saga after its recent collaboration with Dead by Deadlight, which somewhat fuels our hopes that it will return in the not too distant future. Cross our fingers.


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