Silent Graves: Terror comes to Kickstarter in 2021


Independent studio Primordial Game Studios announced on Tuesday (29) that The Silent Tombs will be available on January 4 on Kickstarter. Mixing elements of exploration and psychological terror, the developer’s first game emerges as a real and procedural display of historical events from ancient civilizations.

The Silent Tombs is an adventure and horror game focused on the atmosphere and puzzle solving with the proposal to share countless details of the formation of the main European peoples. Thus, cultures like Celtic, Gaelic and Anglo-Saxon will gain wide prominence during gambling, leading explorers to cross catacombs, tombs and dark places that tell important traces of the history of ancestral societies.

According to the studio, the title will be presented through a roguelike experience called “procedural narration” where tombs will be randomly generated, presenting plots connected in such a way as not to miss any detail of the relations between civilizations.

To learn more about the project, just go to the official page on Kickstarter.


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