Silenced: movie about witch hunt arrives on Netflix


With the weekend approaching, fans of productions that address medieval times and the witches’ period can already celebrate. Today (11) the Spanish film Silenced, based on real events, arrived in the Brazilian catalog of Netflix.

The plot takes place in the French Basque Country in 1609 and tells the story of a group of women who participate in a night party in the forest and, for this reason, are accused of witchcraft. To prevent them from being killed by the Inquisition, they started a revolution in defense of their rights. The story is an adaptation of the book “A Feiticeira”, by Jules Michelet.

The film was released in Spain in October last year and was shown in a few movie theaters. The story stars Amaia Aberasturi, Àlex brendemühl, Daniel Fanego and Daniel Chamorro. Pablo Agüero is in charge of the direction, responsible for titles such as Eva Não Dorme, Salamandra and Coven of Sisters, nominated for nine Goya awards.


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