The signing that will enrage Cristiano Ronaldo is about to arrive


The rumors of the winter transfer are a bit like the presidential elections of the United States; the cycle begins earlier and earlier, although it will never rival its summer cousin that is clear. But the mill of winter rumors began to produce some very juicy stories from the last month onwards. And as he has dissected quite a bit of this information, it is time for the door to open to new data that is coming to droppers. The initial tone of these stories is an indication of that. Those that quite predictably are going to focus on the strikers.

In the case of Series A, they are a source of growing frustration for the Giallorossi. With four goals in the first month of the season, Edin Dzeko got underway, leaving his problems behind last year, but the pit has been dry since then, since Dzeko hasn’t scored since September 29. And, as expected, the attack of Rome has had difficulties, since it has scored a goal or less in six of its last nine games.

If we add to that Nikola Kalinic’s injury, it is not difficult to understand why Roma might be interested in signing a new striker. And as we have discussed throughout the week, there are two interesting options supposedly available once the transfer window is opened.

Earlier this week, we went through the announcements of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and the other speculative news of Moise Kean, the best friend of Nicolo Zaniolo, who already wants to leave his nightmare behind in the Everton. Each of these future signings, whatever it is, focuses on the player’s ability to score goals, something that the difficult attack of Rome desperately needs. But one is not the same as the other, Cristiano Ronaldo although he plays in the opposite team has already assured that he would prefer to rival Moise than Zlatan, and it is normal because the second is a born scorer who could shade him in the countryside.

With the world of football paused by the qualification for Euro 2020, all the managers of the players are doing overtime, which gives us remarkable updates on each of these stories. Everything is yet to be seen.


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