Signing In With Another Gmail Account On Mobile Or Desktop


Gmail: It has become common for more and more people and companies to use Gmail services to exchange messages. However, what many may not know is that you can leave more than one account registered in the section, and the step-by-step steps for these actions are as follows.

Signing in with another Gmail account on mobile or desktop

The first step is to log in with the main account you want to use to check your messages (or create one if this is your first access). Once the process is complete, click on the icon with your photo (or your initials) and choose Add another account;

On the next screen, just add the other account you want to use and the password. This way, you can switch between the two accounts that are logged in simply by clicking on the photo in the upper right corner and selecting the user you want to view messages for.
It is worth mentioning, however, that whenever you change your email, the services that depend on it will also change the main user – as is the case with Drive and YouTube, which automatically load the files and preferences of the account you are currently using .

Alternative way

If you want to use two accounts at the same time and still view both (such as work and personal email accounts, for example), you can also perform the login processes normally using the normal window for the main account and a incognito window or even another browser to ensure access to both message boxes.

Another important detail is that the tips described here work on any system, so you can apply them both on desktop and mobile (remembering that on mobile devices there is already the possibility of using the Gmail application to keep one of your addresses always on ).

Expanding the options

Did you know that Gmail now has a feature that helps reduce the chances of falling into a phishing scam? Just keep an eye out for the yellow tag called External, which lets you know when the message came from someone who isn’t on your contact list or isn’t part of the corporate network, helping you to decide when important information should be sent or not.

Another novelty, this time related to the Gigante das Buscas e-mail service application, is the fact that in mid-March it received a button to facilitate the process of copying and pasting recipient addresses.