Signify launches lighting that neutralizes coronavirus


Signify, the company that owns the Philips brand, announced this week the launch in Brazil of three UV-C lighting solutions for disinfecting air, surfaces and objects. According to the brand, the light from the devices can inactivate 99% of the SARS-Cov-2 virus (coronavirus) on a surface in 6 seconds.

The company explained that the solutions launched are aimed at the commercial sector. The products can be used in closed spaces such as offices, clinics, hotels, schools, industries and public transport.

According to the company, the effectiveness of UV-C light sources has been validated in laboratory tests by Boston University. The rays of light also break the DNA and / or RNA of other microorganisms besides the coronavirus, such as bacteria. The lamps emit a peak of radiation at 254nm close to the peak of germicidal efficiency, which is sufficient to disinfect the environment.

Signify points out that there are three technologies that are arriving in the country:

Disinfection chambers: according to the company, they can be used in condominium ordinances and commercial buildings to disinfect visitor badges, phones, bags, laptops and wallets, for example;

Luminaires: they are used to use environments with people, since they are installed at a height that, in combination with special shielding, prevents direct exposure to the UV-C light source. They disinfect the natural air flow in the room and can be used in schools, offices, gyms and stores;

Philips UV-C disinfection vehicle: it was designed to disinfect up to 36m² of circular coverage area and 20m² of square area. Integrated security controls include a timer to schedule sterilization for a predefined period, remote control and voice alarm. Signify explains that it is ideal for offices, banks, schools, retail stores, beauty salons and hospitality areas.


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