Significant shortcoming in iPhone 12 case!


The next generation phone that we expect Apple to release next year is already being discussed. A new one has been added to the predictions about the phone today. According to an analyst’s claim, the iPhone 12 box contents may not welcome us with EarPods headphones.

A lightning headphone was added to the box on the iPhone 7, which said goodbye to the 3.5mm jack jack. Allegedly, the next generation will not have headphones in the box.

iPhone 12 may say goodbye to EarPods headset
Apple’s wireless headset AirPods has become one of the products that inspire wireless headphones. We can say that wireless headphones, which have become widespread in recent years, have become a standard now. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed that EarPods would not be included in the iPhone 12 case to increase headphone sales. Explaining sales forecasts for Apple’s next-generation wireless headset AirPods Pro as 93 million, Kuo has linked it to the contents of the box it expects to change on iPhone devices.

If no headphones are found in the phone box, users can purchase the original EarPods headset for $ 29, and the original AirPods headset for $ 159. If we consider the price of the headset already available as $ 29, this fee can be deducted from the price of the phone.

When the 3.5mm jack jack was removed on the iPhone 7, a converter in the box welcomed us. But this converter was removed with iPhone XR and XS. If the iPhone 12 box contents do not meet us with a headset, this can be a major problem. In this case, we can see the replication of replica headphones with lightning output.


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