Significant innovation for mobile devices from Google Meet


Although Google Meet desktop group conversations show a large number of people simultaneously on the screen, there was no such option on mobile devices. However, those who join group conversations in Google Meet on their mobile devices will now see a large number of people on the screen.

Interestingly, Google introduces this feature in Meet’s iOS app for the first time. Android device owners have to wait a little longer. IPhone owners can now see more people on the screen in group conversations in Google Meet, rather than focusing on one person.

In the screenshot shared by Google, it is seen that the screen is divided into eight parts. In the bubble below, it is stated that there were other participants in the meeting.

Although the Google Meet feature announced for mobile devices may seem like a small addition, it is actually quite important. Group video calls have been a big part of people’s lives since the pandemic started. Smart phones are also frequently used in these interviews, and seeing more than one participant on smart phone screens is a factor that will improve the experience.


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