Significant change in TikTok management!


TikTok, which came to the fore with the data leak scandal in the past months, was banned in the USA and India. CEO Kevin Mayar came up with the TikTok resignation. Mayar, who explained the reasons for his resignation in a letter he sent to the employees, served as CEO for only a few months.

Kevin Mayar came up with TikTok resignation

Some claims were made about TikTok, which entered the world agenda with its popularity in a short time. It was announced by cyber security researchers that the application leaked data from smartphones.

The application, which reached 175 million downloads in the US and 800 million worldwide since the beginning of August, was first banned in India. TikTok, which was also banned by the US administration in the past weeks, continues to lose blood in the global market.

Kevin Mayar, who took office as CEO shortly before the events, sent a letter to the company employees about his resignation today.

“As the political environment has changed sharply in recent weeks, I have reflected significantly on what institutional changes will entail and what this means for the global role. Looking at the next phase of this company, there is no doubt that its future is bright. Any structural changes should not affect users and I believe the TikTok team will be more creative and productive than ever before. “He used expressions.

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