A Significant Change Appears Before Bitcoin Halving!


Expected with great curiosity and excitement, Bitcoin Halving is now officially less than 1 month away, and this creates a huge uncertainty in the market.

There are those who think that Bitcoin may experience a similar negative situation after the block prize halves of Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV, as well as those who think that the halfway of Bitcoin will be much different.

Bitcoin Halving Approaching, Data Changing
Looking at the data, Bitcoin Halving seems to be much different than the other two Halving. Looking at the data published by Glassnode, it is seen that the amount of BTC held at stock exchange addresses has decreased by 8% as of Wednesday. Glassnode said in a statement on the subject that this meant that the HODLER mass, which made a long-term investment, attracted BTC in their wallets.

This indicates that investors are expecting a serious increase after Halving, and long-term investments have increased. As Bitcoin’s block reward halving approaches, it seems likely that the amount of BTC on the stock markets will further decrease.


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