Signal Towers In Horizon Forbidden West: Where To Find Them


Horizon Forbidden West: We help you find all the signal towers available in Horizon Forbidden West as well as give you tips to get to the top. In Horizon Forbidden West we find many collectibles available whose obtaining is optional but still some are related to achievements and trophies. For this reason, in this complete guide you will find the location of the most important ones. One of them, which we can find shortly after starting the adventure before reaching the Forbidden West, are the signal towers. These are some abandoned Carja structures on top of which there is a satellite dish that we can loot to obtain lenses. Below we tell you everything you need to know about it, in addition to leaving you the marked map with the locations of all these towers.

Signal towers: where to find them and how to get to the top

To begin with, we recommend that you wait until you have advanced enough in the adventure to unlock the sunwing. Thanks to this we will be able to fly and reach elevated areas, as is the case with these signal towers, without the need to look for climbing points or complicate ourselves. Thus, once mounted on the sunwing, we fly to the location indicated on the map and when we get closer, the indicated icon will appear. After that, we simply drop down and open the shieldwing to glide and gently reach the top of the tower.

Dawn Lens: In the tower northwest of Intimidation.
Morning Lens: In the tower northeast of Squeaky Chain.
Midday Lens: In the tower east of Squeaky Chain.
Evening Lens: In the tower southwest of Squeaky Chain.
Twilight Lens: In the tower to the east of Luz Baldía.
Sunset Lens: In the tower north of Luz Baldía.