Signal Tests New Audio Features To Compete With WhatsApp


Signal Private Messenger beta 5.16.0 was released this Thursday (8) and tests two new features for voice messages. In addition to the ability to slow down and speed up audio playback, the consumer can also save drafts of speeches.

The “news” are already available on WhatsApp, excluding the option to decrease speeds. In Signal, changing the tempo of the message works via a small “x2” button in the lower right corner of the audio. The user chooses the message cadence by pressing several times on the screen — the interface informs the current one.

Finally, if you have to drop your smartphone while recording, Signal will save a draft of your speech. When you get back to your phone, the audio will be present on the screen for quick sending. You can’t add content, but you won’t have to record everything again.

Signal reaching WhatsApp

In April 2021, WhatsApp also tested speed features in its Play Store beta. In addition, the app made previews of videos and images larger and made temporary messages available in groups as normal options.

Recent changes reflect the competitiveness between these two services and Telegram. At the beginning of the year, the messaging market suffered major changes due to the new guidelines for the use of WhatsApp.

Developed by the non-profit company Signal Foundation, Signal is open source software that focuses on consumer privacy. The service offers options such as the option to blur faces in photos and even payments with cryptocurrencies. You can check out the project server on GitHub.


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