Signal Showing Rise 4,600 Percent in Ethereum

Although Ethereum (ETH) fell below $ 100 after the market decline, it managed to recover its value and achieve a serious increase under the leadership of Bitcoin. Nevertheless, it was a great thrill to see the signal and the situation, which previously brought an incredible increase of 4,600 percent to Ethereum.

For now, the amount of Ethereum in crypto exchanges has reached the amount of ETH seen in December 2016. When this happened last, it was seen that the price of ETH increased 4.600% in the months that followed, rising from $ 7.50 to $ 375.

Looking at the data published by Glassnode, it is stated that the amount of ETH in stock exchanges increased more than 21% as of the end of 2019. This corresponds to 16% of Ethereum’s circulation amount, ie 18.187.00 ETH.

If Ethereum can even achieve 1 in 3 of its rise in 2016, a new bull market may come with it.

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