Signal: Hit Facebook With His Own Gun And Sentenced


Signal has been penalized. Almost every digital product, from the smartphone we use to the messaging application, collects our data. Companies such as Google and Facebook learn about our interests and needs and display advertisements for this. This event, which seems innocent at first sight, can even affect the political choices of countries in the wrong hands. Signal, wanting to draw attention to this situation, recently posted a Facebook ad.

Facebook blocked Signal ads

It all started with the Signal ad that aired last Tuesday. Unlike the usual, the ad posted on Facebook was aimed at raising awareness, not promotion. “You’re viewing this ad because you’re” a newlywed pilates instructor and you love cartoons, “said Signal ad, which draws attention to its emphasis on privacy. includes expressions such as.

Appealing to a very limited audience, the ad shows how much Facebook knows about your life and how specific goals it can have. The social media giant, which owns many applications such as WhatsApp and Instagram, that we use today, knows your private life, financial situation, what kind of music you like and who your best friend is. By combining this information, the company can create ads that are specific enough to target people whose husband’s name is Mike and holds a degree in art history.

Making use of these targeting, Signal succeeded in achieving its purpose and attracting attention with the advertisements it broadcasted. However, the messaging application, which also attracted the attention of Facebook, was hampered by the platform. From now on, no ads shared by Signal will be available on the platform.


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