Signal begins testing cryptocurrency payments


Security and privacy-focused messenger Signal has announced a new feature. For now only in tests, the application allows the transfer of money between people using cryptocurrencies.

The novelty is called Signal Payments and allows sending and receiving “payments focused on privacy as easily as sending or receiving a message”.

The courier does not access your financial data at any time and, when the user wants, it is possible to transfer the wallet funds to any application, account or payment service. The platform must compete directly against WhatsApp’s payments feature, which was recently released by the Central Bank to operate in Brazil.

In this initial testing stage, the function will only be available in the UK and in the applications for Android and iOS. In addition, only the MobileCoin wallet can be used from its own cryptocurrency, MOB.

The feature was added along with the new beta version of the messenger and brings, in addition to the novelty, performance improvements and bug fixes.


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