How to Sign Out of the YouTube App ?


How to Sign Out of the YouTube App?  We provide a simple solution to the question of how to sign out of the Youtube application, which is a very complex process for those who do not know.

Since its inception in 2005, Youtube has become one of the most used video viewing and uploading sites. Youtube, which has approximately 200 million active users, is connected to Google. With mobile phones becoming indispensable, Youtube’s mobile application, which offers mobile applications for Android and iOS devices, has a logoff problem that bothers many users.

The reason for this problem is that YouTube “forces users”. Forcing direct interlocutors Android users.Youtube iOS mobile application as a guest user, you can watch video without logging in, but this is not the case on Android. Users entering the Youtube Android mobile application cannot use the application without signing in with their Gmail account, and cannot close it after signing in. At least YouTube forces you to do this.

How to sign out of YouTube?
Signing out of your YouTube account on Android:

Enter the “Settings” section of your phone.
From here, open the Applications and Notifications screen.
Find and open Youtube between apps.
Enter the “Storage” section.
Touch Clear Data .
Open the Youtube app.
Your session will still be open.
Log in to your account profile.
Tap Change Account ”.
Touch “Exit on the screen that appears.
Operation complete.

It is said that the “Exit” option appears only once after clearing the data. This option may be lost if you do not select it at the moment. If you experience such a condition, repeat the procedure from the first step. Clearing data may erase some data, such as search history, but your basics will always remain constant.

Sign out of iPhone (iOS) YouTube account:

iOS follows a more user-friendly way to sign out of Youtube. Instead of complicated tasks like the Android Youtube app, iOS users can easily solve this problem by simply logging in to the Youtube app.

Enter the Youtube app.
View your account profile.
Enter the “Users” section.
Tap Use Youtube as signed out ”.
Operation complete.
Why is it so difficult to close your YouTube account on Android?

Since Youtube is a video platform that is linked to Google, the rules of the Google algorithm apply here. According to the Google algorithm, user habits and suggestions in accordance with habits are extremely important. That is why the personal data and habits of Youtube users are a valuable source of information for the development of the Google database.

At the same time, since Youtube is the most search engine after Google, the searches made by users enable the collection of data first hand. When this is the case, Google cannot obtain healthy data from anonymous users, creating such a “coercion” in the Youtube application. The problem of logoff, which appears to be restricted by user freedom, is not tolerated by most people, but is not welcome in the free world of the Internet.

You can easily solve the problem of signing out of Youtube application which has turned into a nightmare especially for Android users with the simple methods we explained. You can sign in with your Gmail account again and sign out using the methods described.

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