‘Sign In’ Option Added To TikTok’s Web Version


The ‘Sign In’ option has been added to the web version of TikTok, a video sharing application used by millions of people around the world. Users who log into their accounts from the web version will be able to do many things they do on mobile here.

TikTok, the most popular video sharing application of recent times, has added a new login option to its website. With the new option, it has become possible for users to log into their TikTok account via desktop or laptop computers, view analytics or upload videos just like on a mobile app.

The new login option has not yet been added to the home page of the TikTok website. At this point, in order to log in to the web version, it is necessary to open the Explore page first and click on the ‘Sign In’ option located at the top right of the screen. After logging into your account, you can change your basic account information, browse the content stream customized to your preferences, or share videos.

With TikTok Pro, it is possible to analyze the progress on the platform:
In addition, you can check your analytics by upgrading your account to Pro in the updated TikTok web version. With this feature, which is especially important for content producers and advertisers, you can see your progress in the platform in more detail and draw your road plan accordingly.

Thanks to these features in TikTok Pro, it is possible to make a comprehensive analysis of the number of followers on your profile, gender, the best region, likes, posted videos, video views and trending videos.

Many popular social media platforms have started updating the web version:
Recently, many social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, have begun to publish innovations to improve desktop versions. At this point, Instagram has added the ‘Direct Message’ feature to the web version, which users have been lacking for a long time with a recent innovation.

Unlike WhatsApp or other messaging apps, Instagram DM feature, which is mostly for personal use, has greatly facilitated the content producers’ work with the web version. It can be said that this move is really necessary, especially considering that high-profile accounts have to answer hundreds of messages every day.