SIGN Expo 2022: everything that was announced at the Summer of Gaming Showcase


IGN Expo 2022 ended and included new announcements, game announcements, fresh trailers and much more. If you missed the show, we have a rundown of everything included below.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite — Exclusive DLC Announcement

IGN Expo witnessed the exclusive presentation of Aliens: Fireteam Elite — Pathogen, the first major expansion for the cooperative shooter, which will be released on August 30.

Pathogen will see Aliens: Fireteam Elite, complemented by a brand new campaign containing three missions and new types of enemies. The storyline shows how the Endeavour crew visits LV-895, where they discover that the planet’s xenomorphs have been infected and mutated into terrifying new forms. The trailer shows off several new aliens that are based on the grotesque white neomorphs from Alien Covenant.

Starkeepers — announcement of a new game

Starkeepers is a new MMORPG that will appear in Steam Early Access in 2023. In fact, this is a sci-fi game. The central race of Starkeepers is a group of anthropomorphic Viking human animals, including wolves and seals. These unusual heroes are titled Star Guardians, God—chosen warriors sent to repel supernatural cosmic threats.

The gameplay teaser demonstrated the low-poly appearance of the game, a mixture of combat and city construction, not to mention dungeons filled with traps. The developer promises a huge open world filled with many factions, and the opportunity to simultaneously fight both beasts and gods.

Vice NDRCVR – Presentation of a new game

Vice NDRCVR is a new game about fighting drug cartels of the 80s, using their computer systems against them. First presented at the IGN Expo, Vice NDRCVR evokes associations with Hypnospace Outlaw and Her Story, forcing you to search in fictional operating systems for clues that can be used to arrest or assist the largest drug smuggling gangs in Miami.

VergeWorld – announcement of a new game

VergeWorld is a new racing game with a beautiful design inspired by PS1, which will be released on PC this fall. The game has a roguelike structure, sending you into dogfights, racing and furious explosions on procedurally generated tracks. Between races, you will be able to use the collected resources to improve your post-apocalyptic aircraft.

Ground Divers — announcement of a new game

At IGN Expo, Ground Divers was presented, a completely new game in the style of the classic arcade game Dig Dig, but filled to the brim with systems more familiar from RPG. It will appear on the Nintendo Switch on June 30.

In the game Ground Divers, described as a “farce game”, you lead a rabbit-like robot miner Tsuruhashi into increasingly complex mines of his own creation.

Project Warlock 2 — unexpected release in early access

Buckshot Software and Retrovibe have announced that the 90s-style first-person shooter Project Warlock 2 is now available on PC in early access via Steam and GOG.

The new trailer shows a quick overview of the content available in the early access version of Project Warlock 2. This smaller piece of the full game contains six levels, which, according to Buckshot Software, is 10 times larger than any level in the original Project Warlock. Each level is a multi-storey structure with platforms and buildings that add a new level of verticality to the “run and shoot” gameplay.

Roots of Pacha — demo version is already available

Roots of Pacha, a life simulator about how to lead a Stone Age tribe to success, has released a Steam demo today.

During IGN Expo, a new trailer was shown demonstrating how the tribe learns to use seeds to grow crops, build settlements, irrigate fields, and even play music in rhythm action sections. The demo is already available on Steam, and with the help of the “SMILEY” code, you unlock a special hat for your character (it’s just a cat balancing on your head).

Block N Load 2 — New gameplay and Closed Beta Testing announced

Block N Load 2 was re-introduced at today’s IGN Expo, and we learned that there will be a closed beta version soon. The devastating first-person shooter, which mixes Team Fortress-style team battles with Minecraft voxels, is a return to the ideas of the 2015 original, albeit with an improved appearance, more complex construction mechanics and more diverse combat.

Core Keeper — a new update has been announced

Core Keeper, a sandbox mining adventure game from Pugstorm and Fireshine, has unveiled its first major update, The Sunken Sea, and today added dedicated server support.

In the Sunken Sea update, players travel through a completely new aquatic biome filled with aquatic threats and islands full of treasures. The update adds boats for the first time, as well as new enemies, weapons, valuables, ores, items for base construction and much more. Today, dedicated server support for up to 8 players has also been added. Players will now be able to host their own multiplayer worlds and invite friends to join at any time.