Sighting hacking: 70,000 IPTV TV boxes were captured


And yet another apprehension helps to dismantle the pirated IPTV market in Brazil. A seizure in the Port of Santos (SP) confiscated 70,000 devices intended for illegal practice, including devices that were capable of capturing legitimate satellite signals and unlocking them with encryptions that only operators could adequately provide.

In addition to the typical illegal servers that provide signal via the internet of dozens and even thousands of paid channels, there are also servers that only provide cryptographic keys so that, through antennas and receivers aimed at satellites or connected via coaxial cable, they can “correctly” interpret signals coded. As the service shares a single subscription key with thousands of other people, neither the operator nor the programmers receive what is due, which is also a criminal practice.

The seizure took place in the period from August to December of that year, and only in the most recent seizure of the Division of Surveillance and Suppression of Smuggling and Customs Clearance at Santos Customs were obtained 20 thousand TV boxes that were destined for Paraguay and Uruguay, for possible return later distribution strategies to other regions in Brazil.

In an operation conducted by the IRS, suitcases were intercepted during a domestic flight because they were carrying 58 TB boxes, suggesting commercial destination.

The products even contained a fake Anatel seal and a manual in Brazilian Portuguese.

It is worth remembering that, despite the stigma of IPTV being in most cases related to piracy, there are legitimate services under this protocol. IPTV is nothing more than TV transmission via the Internet, and that is why we can mention some companies that already work with this modality, such as Vivo Play, NET NOW, Guigo TV and others.

And you, what do you think of the siege closing for IPTV piracy in Brazil? Tell us in the comments!


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