Sifu Advances Its Release Date; New Kung Fu Game Details


Sifu: The martial arts title, pure third-person action, anticipates its premiere by two weeks on PS5, PS4 and PC consoles next February. Sifu, the kung-fu game developed by Sloclap that we met at the beginning of the year, will go on sale on February 8, 2022; a few weeks before the scheduled date. Initially slated for February 22, the studio changes plans and will eventually choose to move away from the Elden Ring (February 25) and Horizon Forbidden West (February 18) release dates. On the occasion of the information, the work has been seen in a new trailer in which they confirm the aging and death system of the protagonist.

Felix Garczynski, Marketing Director at Sloclap, has explained new aspects of the gameplay on the Official PlayStation Blog; This time not focused on the combat system, but on the aging and death mechanics, which are one of the main characteristics of what is called to be one of the most prominent independent titles on the scene in 2022.

“In Sifu, our hero is only 20 years old, although he has spent his life training. He has a great thirst for revenge and will have to face a dangerous group of assassins who have become prominent figures in the city and crowd into forts. well defended. ”“ Kung-fu ”or“ gōngfu ”refers to any discipline or skill achieved through effort, practice and patience, skills that cannot be achieved in a single lifetime if you want to master at the master level.

“Our young student will not be able to afford the luxury of improving his kung-fu throughout a lifetime, as he sets out in search of revenge at nightfall and will have to find and defeat all his enemies in a single night,” they continue in the notice.

Sifu does not allow to rejuvenate; each death results in loss of vital energy

The protagonist of the adventure has a limited resource of great value, a pendant that can bring him back to life if he dies. Now, its use will absorb vital energy. Every time he uses it he will grow old. “As you age, you will gain less maximum health in exchange for more offensive power. The character model will also show your age and allow you to contemplate the consequences of your actions. But getting old will not weaken your skills, so you can complete the game regardless of age, ”emphasizes the development team.