Siesta Key: Sam Logan shows up at Juliette Porter’s Party


The situation may have improved for former Siesta Key couple Juliette Porter and Sam Logan, as the Florida billionaire recently showed up at his ex-girlfriend’s swimwear brand party. The founder of JMP The Label once believed that Sam was the only one for her, and she was flattered by how much he showered her with love. However, by August 2021, the couple broke up, and season 4b of the MTV reality show demonstrated the consequences of Juliet and Sam’s breakup. Although they tried to reconcile, it was clear that their lives went in different directions, and Juliette soon moved on to her current boyfriend, Clark Drama, who was introduced at the end of season 4b Siesta Key.

The drama continued off-screen as Sam and Juliet used social media to tell fans about the drama they hadn’t seen on screen. Juliette admitted that she decided to get back together with Sam because she didn’t want him to go on vacation with Megan Bischoff, whom he apparently used as a rebound after breaking up with Juliette. Sam also revealed the truth behind the scenes, where Juliet broke off their relationship forever. According to Sam, they corresponded all day, and when it came time to shoot the show, he got the impression that he and his girlfriend got back together, and he had no idea that she was going to break up with him again.

Although they certainly didn’t end up in a good relationship, things could have changed for the exes, as Sam recently showed up at Juliet’s party in swimwear. Reddit user Mtv_reality_tea shared an Instagram story from Siesta Key star Mike Vasquez at the JMP The Label event. “Well… *** is getting weird,” Mike wrote, shooting a video of himself hanging out with Clark and then showing Sam sitting on the other side of the pool and talking to Juliette and her best friend Lexi Salame. On top of the video, he added the 1975 song “Why Can’t We Be Friends” by War.

“He probably paid for the party, oh wait, he’s not dating her anymore. Interestingly, now the bills are sent [so in the original] Clark,” replied one fan on the Reddit thread, adding to the claims that Juliet was with Sam only for his money. The cast of Siesta Key recently relocated to Miami, prompting rumors that the show had relocated and would pursue more mature, career-related storylines similar to MTV’s move from Laguna Beach to The Hills back in the 2000s. Rumors began in April when star Brandon Gomes first tweeted about moving to the city, and since then the rest of the actors have followed in his footsteps.

It seems that in the fifth season of Siesta Key, there may be a new friendship between Juliet and Sam, or at least they will remain cordial to each other. It seemed that the two of them would never be able to be in the same room together again, but with a new city, a lot could have changed since the actors last filmed Siesta Key at the end of 2021. For the excellent content of the show, Juliet and Sam are on good terms, probably the best fit for everyone in their shared group of friends. Although they may not spend time regularly, it’s nice to see that they are at least trying to put their grievances in the past.