Siesta Key: Mike holds parties with RHOM, Lenny Hochstein and Katarina


There’s nothing that Siesta Key star Mike Vasquez loves more than starting a drama, and on July 4, the reality TV star stirred everyone up when he shared a video about his party with “Real Housewives of Miami” actors Lenny Hochstein and model Katarina Mazepa. Fans of “Real Housewives” met Lenny when he debuted in the series with his ex-wife Lisa Hochstein in the second season. The couple had a difficult relationship from the very beginning, and the series showed their struggle with fertility, which complicated their relationship. Lisa and Lenny broke up for a short time, and while they were apart, Lisa says that her husband had an affair with another woman.

The RHOM stars eventually acquired two children from a surrogate mother, Logan Mark Hochstein, 7, and El Hochstein, 2. Unfortunately, their relationship broke up, and the stars officially filed for divorce in May. Before their divorce, reports claimed that Lisa and her co-star Larsa Pippen ran into Katarina, with whom Lenny allegedly cheated on his wife, at a club in Miami. At the time, Lenny denied that he and Lisa had broken up, but the star also claims that he did not start dating the model until he and Lisa decided to end their marriage.

It seems that Lenny and Katarina are still gaining strength, and they spent their Fourth of July at a party with Mike from Siesta Key, who always loves a good scandal. The MTV reality star shared a series of party videos in his Instagram story, which was published by mtv_reality_teaa. In the video, you can see all three of them dancing together on the boat, and at some point it seems that Katarina is getting used to Lisa’s ex-husband.

It’s unclear how the stars met or how they ended up together at the July 4th party, but it seems they may have bumped into each other now that they’re both reality TV stars living in Miami. Mike recently moved to Miami with the rest of his Siesta Key co-stars, which seems to be a rebranding of the series, which premiered in 2017, when most of the actors were under 21. The star is usually at the center of many dramas. on the show, for example, when he shared a video with Juliette Porter and Sam Logan on Instagram, when Juliette didn’t want anyone to know that she was back together with Sam. One fan reacted to the re—posted Instagram posts from July 4, writing: “Mike is a snake and he’s dirty!!! I don’t know how Lexi is still with him. He’s coming off like a single man.”

There have been no reports of a crossover between Siesta Key and The Real Housewives of Miami, but fans will probably enjoy the overflow of drama that will happen if the shows come together. Fans have had a lot of negative opinions about Mike since he first appeared on the MTV reality show, so it’s not surprising that he hung out with Lenny, who, according to Lisa, did some questionable things. After all, Mike likes to stir during and off the show, and his Instagram posts have definitely caused some buzz among fans. It’s unclear if the July 4th party was filmed for the fifth season of Siesta Key, but if so, it could just be the cross event of the year.