Siesta Key: Juliette Porter hangs out with Sam and Jordana on a boat


In a turn of events that no one expected, Siesta Key star Juliette Porter was spotted on a boat with her ex-boyfriend Sam Logan and his close friend Jordana Barnes, who is not a big fan of Juliette. Juliette and Jordana’s feud dates back to season 4a, when Sam hired his old friend to paint a portrait of his then girlfriend, for which he paid $10,000. Juliette had heard that Jordana had dated Sam in the past, and suspected that she might have intentions to steal Sam for herself. Until now, she and Sam have remained friends, but recently they were caught kissing in an Instagram video dedicated to Sam’s 31st birthday.

Juliet and Sam have also not been on the best of terms since their breakup. Their relationship was not easy in the series, but even more stormy in social networks. Sam has cast a lot of shadow over his ex on social media, including when he edited the Siesta Key season 4 poster to include Jordana as the main star of the show instead of Juliet. The last time Juliet and Sam were seen together in the series was at the wedding of their co-star Madison Housberg, when Sam left early so as not to spend the night watching Juliet and her new boyfriend Clark Drum. It’s unclear if they’re on the best of terms right now, but it’s likely to be showcased in the upcoming season of Siesta Key on MTV.

On good terms or not, Juliette was recently spotted at a boat party in Miami, her typical weekend plans these days, in the presence of Sam and Jordana. The popular Instagram account @mtv_reality_teaa shared several screenshots of the video, which were originally posted by someone who was also on a boat with the cast of Siesta Key. The screenshots show Juliet dancing on a boat with Sam, Jordana, her boyfriend Clark and several other friends, including co-star Amanda Miller. It’s unclear if the cast starred in the fifth season of Siesta Key, which appears to have moved to Miami.

Reality TV star Juliet wore a bikini from her JMP The Label swimwear line and showed it off in one of the videos. Siesta Key fans were very intrigued by the footage and demanded more information about the party. One fan commented, “I need more information… I’m in favor of the ex being cool, but I didn’t expect this to happen.” The reality TV gossip replied, “Stay tuned,” suggesting that more information about the dynamic between Juliet, Sam and Jordana is coming soon. Juliette and Sam broke up, seemingly in an irreconcilable relationship, and since they met, she and Jordana have not had a special friendship.

While Juliette and her friends often hang out on boats and sometimes their groups of friends intertwine, regardless of who is currently feuding, she seemed too enthusiastic with her ex and his best friend. Perhaps all three have reformed and moved on to a larger and more interesting drama. Eventually, fans started to get tired of the Juliet and Sam saga, and with the move to Miami, maybe they decided to bury the hatchet in their hometown and start a new life in a new city. Anyway, the premiere of the 5th season of “Siesta Key” only excited the fans even more.