Sidney Sweeney will star in the adaptation of Marcus Cleaver’s novel “The Caretaker” for Universal, Sweeney will also produce Platinum Dunes


EXCLUSIVE: after a competitive war, Universal Pictures acquired the rights to the story of Marcus Cleaver “The Caretaker” with Sidney Sweeney, who played the main role and producer. Michael Bay and Brad Fuller will also produce under their Platinum Dunes banner along with Scott Glassgold under their Ground Control banner. Sweeney is producing through his Fifty-Fifty Films banner with his partner Jonathan Davino. Karl Gajdusek adapts the script.

The package came together as soon as it became known that, like his previous story “We Use to Live Here”, “The Caretaker” dropped on Reddit. “We Use to Live Here” was sold to Netflix last year with a major deal, and given its proven track record of generating interest in stories on the platform, the city soon became very interested in this latest story, and producers contacted it before it hit the site.

Fuller and Sweeney recently sold the “Registration” package to Sony, and as soon as Platinum moved to Uni, Sweeney quickly joined the momentum of creating the package. Considering how popular Sweeney has become among the heads of major studios, sources report that eight fans claimed for the package, and Universal eventually won the auction with a price in the low seven-figure range. After a brief separation, Bay and Fuller recently reunited and signed their first contract with Universal, and this was the first major package that the production duo handed over to the studio since signing the contract (Bay and Fuller also produce Batshit for Universal). but this will be the first thing they will bring to the studio).

The Caretaker tells the story of a young woman who accepts a care job from Craigslist and quickly discovers that her duties have much bigger (and more dangerous) stakes than she could have imagined. Executive Vice President of Production Matt Reilly and Creative Director Jacqueline Garell will oversee the project on behalf of Universal.

Sweeney quickly became one of the most sought-after young stars after her breakthrough roles in the first season of the HBO series “White Lotus” and in the second season of the series “Euphoria”, both of which received Emmy Award nominations. During her hiatus from Euphoria, Sweeney did a good job of expanding her list of developers, as well as building her profile as a producer. In addition to this picture and “Registration”, she is also an executive producer and plays the main role in the new film “Barbarella” at Sony Pictures, and also recently partnered with Endeavor Content to create a television adaptation of “The Table of Players”.

She can next be seen in Marvel’s Madame Webb, as well as the recently completed production of Tony Toast’s The National Anthem, which also starred Simon Rex and Halsey, and she also has “Reality.”

As one of the industry’s most prolific creators, Bay has been responsible for enduring classics spanning his nearly four-decade career, including The Rock, Armageddon, Bad Guys I and II, and the blockbuster Transformers franchise. He has just finished his directorial work with Universal, Ambulance, adding to his total ticket sales of more than $9.4 billion as a director and producer.

In addition to this and Batshit, Bay and Fuller are also producing several films in the “Quiet Place” universe, including a prequel on Paramount.

Always in demand, Gaydusek is best known for being the showrunner of the first season of “Very Strange Things”, as well as the author of the main roles of Tom Cruise, “Oblivion” and “The King’s Man” by Matthew Vaughn.

The sale of “The Caretaker” marks the 5th recent sale of short stories for Ground Control & Verve, including “I Think My Mother-in-Law Wants to Kill Me” by Nick Moorefox for Sony 3000 Pictures, “Wildlife Reform” by Matt and Harrison Querey for Paramount, and “My Wife and I.” Bought a ranch for Netflix.

Sweeney is represented by Paradigm and Hansen, Jacobson, Teller. Gaydusek is represented by Verve and Management 360. Fuller is represented by UTA and attorneys Sloan, Offer, Weber and Dern. Kliewer is represented by Verve, Ground Control and Ashley Silver. Verve and Ashley Silver also represent Ground Control.


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