Side effect for those who survive the coronavirus:


While the danger of the coronavirus has not passed, a new side effect is seen in people who get the virus and have the disease severely. According to the results of a study conducted in the UK, it is stated that the brains of people caught in coronavirus are also damaged, and for this reason, they are aged for 10 years and their IQ levels have decreased. The new side effect of the coronavirus: It lowers IQ!

New side effect of coronavirus: lowers IQ

While the coronavirus epidemic has affected millions, the new research results for people who overcome the disease are surprising. According to the news in the Daily Mirror, this new research, which was collaborated by reputable organizations such as Imperial College London, Cambridge University, King’s College London and University of Chicago, was on the damage caused by the new type of virus in the human brain.

It was revealed that people with severe illness and those connected to respiratory units caused damage to the lungs and respiratory tract, even if they survived the disease. According to new research, this virus also causes significant damage to the brain.

Koronavirüsünün yeni yan etkisi, Koronavirüsü IQ düşürüyor

One of the leading figures of the study, Dr. Adam Hampshire said that some patients who beat the virus have had their brains aged by 10 years and some have lowered IQ levels. How was this conclusion achieved? Researchers applied an intelligence test to approximately 85 thousand people who bypassed the coronavirus. In those patients who survived the virus, a decrease of 8.5 points was observed in IQ test results.


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