Sicalc: How does the Federal Revenue program work?


The System of Calculation of Legal Accruals of the Federal Revenue (Sicalc) is a free program of the Federal Revenue of Brazil that can simplify the life of the taxpayer when calculating the amount due to the Treasury and issuing a document for payment. The system also calculates the incidence of interest and penalties on late payments.

The software has two versions and can be used by individuals and companies that wish to print a collection document to settle debts with the IRS. Next, understand how the Sicalc program works and what functions are offered to the taxpayer for the payment of guides.

What is Sicalc for
Created to facilitate the calculation and printing of Tax Collection Documents – DARF, Sicalc allows the issuance of payment forms by filling in taxpayer information in the system, including for payments made after the deadline. The program automatically calculates the interest and fine incurred in the amount and issues the payment slip in the network of accredited banks.

What features it offers and who can use it

As the name explains, the functions provided by the platform are the calculation and printing of a document for payment of obligations due to the Federal Revenue Service. Any natural or legal person can use the system without the need for an accountant. The taxpayer must complete the requested fields, such as name, CPF or CNPJ, tax calculation period, among others. Once this is done, it is possible to issue the DARF instantly, free of charge and online.

Differences between Sicalc Web and Sicalc AA

There are two options for using Sicalc provided by the Ministry of Economy. The Sicalcweb, online version that can be accessed through the Federal Revenue website ( 1 / program-for-calculation-and-issuing-of-darf-online-of-taxes-and-federal-contributions-except-social-contributions-contributions) and Sicalc – AA Auto Atendimento, offline version of the program, which can be downloaded from the same website.


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