Sia: Addictions, A Misdiagnosed Bipolarity And A New Ailment


Sia: addictions, a misdiagnosed bipolarity and a new ailment. The singer has revealed that she is suffering from a neurological disease and that she is undergoing intensive therapy.

It is not the first time that Sia talks about health and, again, it is not to give good news. The Australian singer-songwriter, architect of some great successes of Rihanna or Céline Dion, has confessed that she suffers from a strange neurological disease.

The artist suffers what in medical terms is known as a ‘rare disease’, as she herself has confessed on her Twitter profile: “Hello, I’m suffering from chronic pain, a neurological disease, Ehlers Danlos, and I just wanted to tell you all those that you suffer physical or emotional pain that I love you, continue. Life is fucking hard. Pain demoralizes, but you are not alone. ”

And then she wanted to clarify her words: “Just to clarify it. I have a neurological disease, Ehlers Danlos. EDS is not a neurological disease. Sorry for the confusion.”

Ehlers-Danlos syndrome is a group of inherited disorders that affects the connective tissue (skin, joints and walls of blood vessels) and has among its symptoms extremely loose or lax joints, very elastic skin and in it bruises form easily, and it is also quite easy for blood vessels to be damaged.

“If you want more information, I also have a neuralgia caused by a routine operation three years ago,” says the singer, who also confesses a hypothyroid problem, in addition to “taking time to undergo intensive therapy for the disorder of complex posttraumatic stress. ” She says that “my type 2 bipolar disorder was misdiagnosed.”

The singer affirms that she does not have sexually transmitted diseases: “Miraculous, considering how she was at my 20 years”, she affirmed and feels fortunate because “I have resources. I am sorry for those who struggle with the health system. Go ahead” .

Sia, whose hallmark is not to show her face in her performances or in her video clips, has been very open, however, to talk about her recurring health problems, which have led her on numerous occasions to cancel her professional commitments, or admit your addictions to alcohol and drugs, which at the moment seems to have overcome. Their suicide attempts also seem a thing of the past.

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