Shroud Joined Valorant Team Sentinels


The American esports team Sentinels has hired a professional gamer Shroud to its Valorant team. Riot Games had hoped to make Valorant the dominant player in esports since its launch, and after one team that won the division playoffs at the Valorant esports tournament reached No. 1 on Twitter in April, it looks like the developer is doing well. Along with a strong position in North American Valorant competitions, Sentinels is present in esports in Fortnite, Hearthstone, Apex Legends, Halo and Wild Rift.

Riot Valorant’s free-to-play heroic first-person shooter debuted in 2020, and there were some difficult actions to follow on the esports scene. Well-known team shooters such as Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, as well as Riot’s own esports MOBA, League of Legends, were potential obstacles for Valorant to gain a foothold on the competitive scenes. Nevertheless, Valorant’s frenetic but strategy-oriented gameplay, fueled by Riot’s drive to make esports more accessible, helped cultivate Valorant’s team identity early in its lifecycle. In the eyes of many players, the release of the new Valorant card, Pearl, was a sign that Riot wanted the gameplay to be focused on teamwork, thereby strengthening its esports viability.

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Valorant’s esports team, Sentinels, has announced via its official Twitter that Michael “Shroud” Grzesik will become its new employee. The announcement was presented with a simple video and a post that said: “The legend is coming back and he is here to win.” This disclosure came as a surprise to both Shroud and Sentinels followers, as Shroud has not been active on the competitive esports scene since 2018. It’s funny, because of the simplicity of the revealing video and the long absence of Shroud, many doubted the legitimacy of the video, despite it being launched on the official Twitter Sentinels. This announcement is made just in time for the qualifying tournaments of the Last Chance North American Valorant Champions Tour 2022, when Shroud signed a contract with Hunter ‘SicK’ Mims who is on personal leave. Shroud will presumably stay on board if the Sentinels win the Valorant LCQ.

The legend is back and he is here to [email protected] to join the list of Sentinels Valorant

— Guardians (@Sentinels) July 8, 2022

Prior to Shroud’s $10 million buyout of the Mixer contract and a successful career in streaming on Twitch, Shroud was a formidable player in the esports environment of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. His most notable victory came when he helped his Cloud9 team take first place in the ESL Pro League Season 4 Finals 2016. With the LCQ Valorant Champions Tour expected sometime in August, the news of Shroud’s recruitment is a timely boon for the Sentinels. However, it also means that Shroud doesn’t have much time to get to know her new teammates. Hopefully, over time, the band will be able to assimilate each other’s styles to become a competitive force on the Valorant Tour.

After so many years away, Shroud fans should be interested to see him return to his competitive roots. Although it is unknown if Shroud and The Sentinels members played or trained before his recruitment, Shroud’s competitive experience alone makes the veteran a valuable asset to The Sentinels. If Shroud and Sentinels work together effectively, it could make them the team that wins the Valorant competition.