Shroud Becomes Twitch’s Fastest Growing Streamer


Returning to Twitch earlier this month, Shroud has become Twitch’s fastest growing channel, gaining 1 million new followers in less than a month.

Shroud, one of the most popular game publishers in the world, has managed to set a record that we would normally expect new publishers to break. Shroud is now Twitch’s fastest growing broadcaster. Yes, we are talking about Shroud, the publisher of years.

As you all know, Microsoft made a huge leap forward in the online publishing industry last year, transferring Shroud, one of Twitch’s largest streamers, to Mixer. However, Shroud was left idle when Mixer closed last July.

Shroud surpasses 8 million followers on Twitch

Shroud took a short vacation after Mixer’s shutdown, and immediately made a comeback to his old streaming platform Twitch. The first broadcast in which Shroud returned to Twitch was watched by hundreds of thousands of people, and in a sense once again demonstrated the streamer’s age on Twitch.

This is not all; When Shroud transferred to Mixer, he not only brought his own audience there, but also created a new audience. With Shroud’s return to Twitch, it looks like this new audience has all switched to Twitch.

According to data from, Shroud gained 1,088,588 new followers after making a comeback on Twitch, making it Twitch’s fastest growing channel. The total number of followers of the famous broadcaster has increased to 8,166,209.

Gaining over 1 million new followers in a short period of 1 month is a development to be expected from Twitch broadcasters, which are generally new and popular in a short time. However, it seems that Shroud created a new audience for himself on Mixer and successfully brought that audience to Twitch.


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