Shrines in Genshin Impact: where they all are


We explain where you can find all the Genshin Impact shrines, now available for free on PC, PlayStation 4, iOS and Android.

In Genshin Impact a lot of hidden secrets await us waiting to be revealed. Some of them are the Shrines and the keys that open them, which we can receive as we progress in the adventure and as a reward for various missions. As part of this complete guide we detail the location of all these shrines, since finding them all can be a much more complicated task than unlocking the Statues of the Seven, for example, since they are marked on the map from the beginning.

How to open the Shrines and what rewards they hide

As the game’s history indicates, these ancient Shrines of the Deep were lost to the world when the civilization that built them disappeared. Therefore, it will not be easy to get hold of the keys that unlock them, but we can find them little by little as we complete missions, so we invite you to do so regularly. In addition, they can also be obtained by completing the “Nether Domains”.

As for the rewards, opening these Sanctuaries will reward us greatly, since we will get 40 Cousins, 60 XP of Adventure rank, 10 stamps depending on the region and a variety of very juicy weapons and artifacts that will change in each case.

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