Shrek: 10 characters that could be a spin-off


From everyone’s favorite Donkey to Three Blind Mice, these Shrek characters could easily create their own by—product.

With the reboot still in development, moviegoers are wondering how “Shrek 5” might affect the franchise’s legacy as one of the most iconic films of the 21st century. Over the past two decades, Shrek films have remained extremely popular, creating the basis for many memes, plays, and even holiday releases.

When the franchise finally reboots, the question arises, what will change and what will remain the same. Some characters are so iconic, even though they may not have gotten much screen time in the original movie series, and it would be a pity if they left. As the reboot nears completion, there are several characters they should consider for the spin-off.

The Magic Mirror

The magic mirror first appears in the very first Shrek movie, where it gives Lord Farquaad options for suitable brides. While the mirror clearly seeks to please its master, it seems a little hesitant to help Lord Farquaad, and seems much happier at the end when it crosses over to the other side.

In later films, the main purpose of the mirror seems mostly to be to be a form of television, but with so many characters featured in the first film, it would be great to see some more of the object’s backstory, or even just their story after being freed from Lord Farquaad. The mirror may not be able to accommodate a whole extra movie, but at least one or two episodes of the extra show will provide a great backdrop for this unique character.

Queen Lillian

In Shrek 2, fans get to know Fiona’s parents. Throughout the film, much is revealed about her father, but not so much about Queen Lillian. It is noted that she was born into the royal family and fell in love with Harold when she was younger, but other than that, most of her young life remains a mystery.

Each Shrek character has a quote defining the personality, and Lillian shows her calm character and regal attitude. It’s fair to say that fans would love to see a movie about the young Queen Lillian after learning so much about Harold. Especially after she made the cryptic comment, “Well, you didn’t think you got your fighting skills from your father, did you?” Fiona in Shrek the Third.


The Gingerbread Man, also known as the Gingerbread Man, is one of Shrek and Donkey’s closest friends. Gingi seems to have many sides, from exceptional loyalty to the fact that he is not afraid to go on the offensive, despite his small size. His torture scene set a comedic tone to the film, which many people don’t know about Shrek.

It would be ideal to make a film in which he would star and his creation, because fans could see if he was always like this, or if he went through some difficulties to make himself so loyal and cool. It would also be great to see his relationship with Muffin a little more, as he was excited to see him in Shrek 2 when he went to do Mongo.

Ugly stepsister

The ugly stepsister, also known as Doris, is not one of the most prominent characters in the films, but she makes a strong enough impression that the audience will never forget her. In the end, she becomes a good friend of Fiona and even appears at her children’s party. Despite not being a princess, she fights alongside Fiona, one of the best non-Disney animated princesses.

After seeing Doris’ backstory, it would be possible to get a great spin-off, because there is clearly an interesting story about how she ended up working as a bartender in one of the coolest establishments in the city. Watching her relationship with another stepsister and Cinderella could also be a great spin-off, it could even create a version of Cinderella that fans haven’t seen before.

Three blind mice

Three-blind mice appear and disappear in Shrek movies, and there is no doubt that their appearance always evokes a sense of humor. From the moment they sneak into Shrek’s house and one of them bites his ear, thinking it’s cheese, to their assignment to be one of those who will look after the swamp while Fiona and Shrek go Far, far away.

The trio of blind rodents would be able to host their own spin-off solely due to their curious nature, as well as the high level of jokes they produce. Although glasses and canes are associated with being blind, depending on how old they are, there is no doubt that these mice have good stories, although they may not be entirely factual.


Thelonious more than deserves more screen time. In fact, he only appears in the first film as the henchman and executioner of Lord Farquaad, although he appears briefly in the fourth film, playing a similar role.

Thelonious demonstrates an iconic moment during the magic mirror scene when he says, “Pick number three, my lord,” while raising only two fingers. This scene is a classic, but the question arises whether it was a simple mistake or it’s just Thelonious.