Shows that Samsung shouldn’t increase its price


As much as Samsung tries to keep it a secret, a large part of the public following the technology market already knows that the South Korean should soon present the new Galaxy A52 and A72.

However, many people also fear that the company will end up increasing the prices of intermediaries, something that may not happen this year. According to GalaxyClub, the German website Idealo ended up leaking those being considered the retail prices of the devices.

Starting with the Galaxy A52, everything indicates that the 4G variant with 128 GB of storage should come out of the box costing € 369 (~ R $ 2,426). That is, the same price that Samsung charged for the A51 last year. The 256 GB model of the Galaxy A52 can be announced for € 429 (~ R $ 2,821)

Now, when it comes to models with 5G, these are the prices leaked for the Galaxy A52:

128 GB – € 449 (~ R $ 2,952)
256 GB – € 509 (~ R $ 3,347)
The Galaxy A72 also had its prices leaked through the same website. However, 5G variants have not yet been listed. Check the values:

128 GB – € 449 (~ R $ 2,952)
256 GB – € 509 (~ R $ 3,347)
For now, it is worth remembering that Samsung has not yet confirmed the veracity of the leak. Anyway, there are those who claim that the South Korean will keep the prices of last year because it removed the charger from the box of all models, something that we will only know on the day of launch.

What did you think of the European prices of intermediaries? Do you believe that both will be sold without a charger in the box? Tell us your opinion here in the comments.


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