Showrunner hints at final breakup between Ethan and April


A new episode of the sixth season of the NBC medical drama Chicago Med will air this Wednesday, February 3 and with feelings on the surface, we will see how some personal relationships between members of the medical team continue to collapse.

One of these relationships is that of doctors Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) and April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta), who despite not having ended their courtship on very good terms, have tried to work together and be as professional as possible.

However, that truce could end this Wednesday when the nurse has to choose again between her brother (Noah) and Dr. Choi.

According to executive producer Diane Frolov, an ethical dilemma will face April’s brother with Ethan, who could be disappointed again by the nurse’s attitude.

According to Frolov, the confrontation between the Chicago Med doctors, Ethan and Noah could lead to the final break between April and Dr. Choi.

Another major reveal from executive producer Diane Frolov has to do with April’s feelings now that she has volunteered to test a heart drug. This could mitigate the feeling of helplessness she experienced when Choi took her away from the ER so that she would not have contact with patients infected with Covid.


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