Showrunner explains why the series will end in season 11


AMC’s The Walking Dead delivered episode 16 of season 10 in early October after a long wait. Only the arrival of the 6 additional episodes of the current installment and the eleventh first and last season is pending.

Let us remember that the production of the Walking Dead was stopped in March due to the blockage generated by the coronavirus pandemic; And it wasn’t until October 12 that the crew and cast returned to the film set to shoot the additional 6 episodes of season 10.

As fans of The Walking Dead will also know, a few months ago it was announced that the story of AMC’s zombie drama will come to an end with season 11, which is set to hit screens in 2023.

Many fans of The Walking Dead were surprised when the bad news was revealed, since being one of the most successful programs of recent times, there is no explanation why the decision to cancel it early was made.

In this regard, The Walking Dead showrunner Scott M. Gimple said there are mixed feelings regarding the cancellation of the series with the arrival of its season 11.

Despite the cancellation, producer Scott M. Gimple confirmed that several The Walking Dead projects are currently in the works and are in the works alongside the current series Fear the Walking Dead and World Beyond.

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Gimple confirmed that the decision to cancel The Walking Dead was ultimately up to the network and not up to himself or current showrunner Angela Kang. This was what he said:

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“The reason for the cancellation came out of discussions with AMC and they eventually made this call, obviously. So Angela Kang and I, thinking about that was … I don’t know, it’s incredibly heavy. ”

“I think the strangest thing of all is how fast everything went. It doesn’t feel like 10 years. It doesn’t feel like 11 years. ”

“And I loved doing it. I mean when I was a showrunner; I loved doing that. It was so intense. ”

Although the showrunner did not explain the underlying reasons related to the cancellation of The Walking Dead with the last season 11, it is most likely that this is due to the financial and budgetary issue to maintain the production with a large number of actors who may be involved. proving very expensive to AMC.


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